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It's Time to Prepare...
    As your lease term approaches its final months, weeks or days it is important to consider your next automotive decision and the steps needed to complete the process. Upon lease termination there are three routes you can take depending on your needs. 
1.) New Lease

    If they say new isn't always better - they clearly haven't been driving an Audi long enough.
    Here is your chance to try on something a little bigger, smaller, or sportier - depending on what fit you're looking for.
    We recommend you shop our vast inventory or any of our special incentives to begin contemplating what great Audi product you want to pull up to your next event with. 
2.) Buy Lease

    So you've decided that you aren't ready to let go of your Audi model quite yet. It seems that you've fallen in love with your car/suv, and we can't blame you for that. 
    We recommend you compare the residual value of your vehicle to the purchase price to make sure this is the option you want.
    Refinance your vehicle through Audi Financial Services or pay the "Pay Off Quote" price discussed with you by your salesperson and you're all set! 
3.) Return Lease

    While we hate to see our loyal customers go, we do understand that certain situations and customers have different needs. 
    Being as you do not own your vehicle, you are welcome to pay out the remaining lease term and any accrued fees at lease end with no hassle. Simply contact a salesperson to set up your pre-check inspection.
    With that being said, if you ever change your mind or have needs more suited by Audi we would LOVE to see you behind the wheel of any one of our great products again! 
Inspection: A pre-check inspection will be conducted by your local dealer at which time they can estimate any fees that may be assessed for excessive wear or damage. A third party inspection will then be conducted according to manufacturer standards.
Inspection: When purchasing your vehicle after a lease term, no inspection is required! Any damages or wear are the responsibilities of the driver and now owner of the vehicle. 
Inspection: Before your vehicle can be returned a dealer pre-check inspection must be completed. This is strictly an estimate of any excessive wear or damage to the vehicle during the lease term. A third party inspection must then be completed to assess any fees for damages or wear according to manufacturer standards. 
Payments and Paperwork: New lease terms and paperwork will need to be redrawn to reflect your new vehicle choice. Disposition fee, down payment, or first months payment may also be required at this time. Contact your salesperson to find out more.
Payments and Paperwork: For those opting to refinance their "Payoff Quote" will need to fill out all necessary credit / financing paperwork and structure payments. "Payoff Quote" offers may also be paid in full for those not interested in refinancing their vehicle. 
Payments and Paperwork: Lease turn in forms will need to be filled out in order to complete the return process. At this time any fees from damage or wear, disposition fees, or final payments that for any reason have not been paid will need to be finalized. 
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